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Xenophobia?: Ghana arrests over 541 Nigerians, Locks them up for days, no water, no food (video)

The Ghanaian security forces have arrested over 541 Nigerians (Igbos) in the Northern Part of Ghana over unknown Reason.

In a video shared online, The Nigerians could be seen sitting on the ground while some sleep.

The person who filmed the video said that they where arrested and their Identify taken, they where taken to the police headquarters and was later returned to a place where they kept them hostage.

He said: “As you can see, over 541 Nigerians has been arrested in the northern part of Ghana, they arrested us by 3am, they took us to their police station and snapped us picture, collected out Names and Finger prints, then took us to the Prison in Akara, where they also took picture of us.”

“We thought they would leave us but they locked us up in Afrawo border. we were arrested since sunday 25th April till now no hope. we are all Igbos. They said they are waiting for the Nigerian ambassador in Ghana to come but we have not seen anyone.”

“We have been here for days, We have not eaten anything, we are suffering, we are hungry”.

Media personality, Mazi ifeanyi nwosu who shared the video, wrote: “Imagine what our ppl are going through in GHANA bikonu.”

“If things are flowing accordingly in this land who will dream of traveling to Ghana to survive?”

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“After seeing things like this u won’t have any option than to demand for ur right(FREEDOM) But at same time our politicians who receive billions from the current government also has a role to play by doing the needful.” He added.

“We deserve a better life.”



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