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Whenever I Go Out, Bus Drivers Always Ask Me To Pay For Two Seats — plus-sized Lady Cries Out

A lady identified as Precious Mensah, also known as the realest babe in Ghana, has taken to BBC news pidgin to share the pain and downside of being fat.

According to her, She is a dancer, an entertainer, and also a video Vixen, She also went ahead to praise herself, she said she is beautiful and also bold. She said she has been plus-sized for 6 years now, she didn’t make herself fat, it’s her hereditary.

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She added, when people see her in town, they would tell her that she is too fat, and will even ask if she can get her Bra and Pant size in the market or she normally sew them, she can’t enjoy life due to her size.

Whenever she enters a Bus or any public transport, she would be asked to pay for two seats just because of her size, If she doesn’t pay for the two seats, she would be asked to step down from the vehicle. She got hurt and almost cried just because she was asked to pay for two, she went ahead to lament why people make seats to be small.

She said seats Should be made for fat people too, the world Should stop making them feel bad and hate themselves, She has gone through a lot of things, even making her hair is an issue because the chairs won’t fit her. She also loves to travel, but unfortunately, she can’t enjoy her travel because of her size.


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