Update: Obi Cubana has Spiritual Protection, My products Won’t work on Him — Kayanmata seller, Jaruma (video)

Kayanmata seller Jaruma has got people talking on social media after she shared a video addressing the women who buy from her intimacy products, seller stated that her products can’t be used on billionaires because they have powers.

The mother of two noted that her customers have been telling her that they want to date Obi Cubana.

There is no doubt that Obi Cubana made a statement with his mother’s burial in Anambra.

Those who weren’t at the event saw what happened on social media.

A few days after the burial, popular intimacy products seller Jaruma took to social media to address her female customers about the wealthy entrepreneur.

Over 7 million women have asked me to trap Obi Cubana for them — Kayanmata seller, Jaruma

According to the Kayamata seller, many girls want Obi Cubana as their sugar daddy. According to her, it will be difficult considering the things involved.

She said:

“Do you seriously think Obi Cubana does not have spiritual protection? I’ve been telling you guys this for more than 10 years. Billionaires like Obi Cubana have spiritual protection. You can’t just go and take Obi Cubana and make him yours just like that. You think he’s waiting for you to use Jaruma products on him and take him away?

“All billionaires have spiritual protection, so, if you want to penetrate them, you have to break the protection and their wives are also doing things to make sure their husbands are not taken away from them.”

Watch her speak below: