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Unknown Gunmen Kills Over 25 Soldiers While In Gun Battle At Orlu — Report

Soldiers of the Nigerian Army have been at the mercy of the dreaded Unknown Gunmen in Orlu in the past few days.

According to a statement released by FWPI on Sunday, it confirmed that over twenty-five (25) of the military personnel have been killed, however, it noted that there is an order by the military to censor or restrict the publication of soldiers killed by media houses.

The statement read, “Family Writers Press International can authoritatively confirmed that over twenty five (25) Nigerian soldiers as at press time, have so far lost their lives in a battle at Orlu, Imo State, Biafraland, within the last forty eight (48) hours.

“Intelligence gathered from a reliable source, has it that the deployed Nigerian soldiers have been engaged in fierce confrontations since hostility began. Reports of engagement have completely been censored. Recall that within the past few days, truck loads of the Nigerian soldiers with heavy weaponry, were moved to Orlu, to kill, maim and destroy.

“Many unarmed, innocent civilians have been subjected to days of grueling dehumanization and summary executions by the soldiers, under the guise of searching for “Unknown Gunmen” and the Operatives of Eastern Security Network (ESN).

“This militarization policy of the Nigerian government in Imo State, stemmed from the support and the encouragement of rascality, terroristic and vampiric activities of Fulani killer herdsmen that have killed many citizens and destroyed unquantifiable number of properties.

“The Nigerian security forces on the other hand, have engaged in the relentless and unprovoked killing of Biafrans which precipitated the emergence of the Eastern Security Network and the unknown gunmen, to stand in defence of justice and the rights of the helplessly oppressed indigenous people.

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“The general public has so unfortunately, been forced to believe in the concocted and grossly biased Nigerian media reportage of the exact developments arising from the ongoing hostilities. Why has the Nigerian military blatantly order a total blackout of media publication of it’s own casualties in the fight if not to shield the truth and float a punctured propaganda?

“It is shamefully despicable that the totally terrorists’-ravaged North by Boko Haram, Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP), bandits and herdsmen, all of Fulani stock, has been abandoned by the Nigerian military, only to flood down to the East (Biafraland), a relatively peaceful region, to flex muscles against the civilian populace. How the whole episode will eventually end, remains to be seen but let it be noted that the Nigerian army is daily, suffering censored casualties, with a number of it’s equipment equally destroyed.”

“Family Writers Press International.”


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