‘TUFIAKWA’ – Nigerians As They Share Thoughts About Tinubu Becoming Nigeria’s Next President

Although APC chieftain, Bola Tinubu might be harboring dreams of becoming Nigeria’s next president, Nigerians have revealed that they don’t want him as their next president.

They made this known in a recent poll conducted by the popular Nigerian author and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri on Twitter.

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In the poll, over 60% of Nigerians stated that may God forbid Tinubu from becoming Nigeria’s next president.

See the poll and some reactions below;

@chi_biafra – Oga Reno you claim that you’re learned enough but you don’t know what’s called referendum.I’m beginning to understand that you’re one of those people that want one Nigeria because of your selfish interest. You don’t care about people that have been killed because of one Nigeria.

@apostlechino – They shouldn’t even talk about election because it will not hold, for all this killings who is fooling who

@halfred10 – Stop asking this type of que. Cos anytime I see this type of que am always scared. Cos if he eventually sit on that chair we are dead already

@JohnnyIzunya – I can see 4% people want Tinubu as next Nigerian president you people are wicked and heartless

@AjiboyeBola1 – I understand everyone is entitled to their opinions but why can’t our common pain & history inform our opinions? Why would anyone want to repeat a terrible cycle of never- do- well politicians? Nigerians need to stop forgetting history. Alas! This “Yes& Maybe” guys are dangerous

@theseraphstanda – I don’t see an election in 2023, they will eventually handover ; I am not even certain about the handover to an interim govt headed by a northerner and the rollercoaster continues to a boiling point. The insecurity in the country is delibrately done to call off the election.

@MrWhity2 – It depends maybe when he repent n become a new man, for whr am standing I can’t c dat happen in next decades so my answer is CAPITAL LETTER NO!!