I Prayed For Covid-19 Not To Come To An End - Apostle Suleman
Radical Nigerian preacher, Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries has boasted that he had prayed against end to the deadly Covid-19. While the virus has killed thousands of people across the globe, the radical pastor claimed that the virus brought fortunes for him.

It is not clear if the pastor, severally accused of extra-marital affairs including rapes lost any family or church member during the period but Suleman said that his finances were not affected by the deadly virus.

In a video obtained by newsmen, the man of God boasted that he bought a third private jet during the crippling coronavirus lockdown.

According to him, he enjoyed his life amid the chaos of COVID-19 pandemic.

He revealed that he didn’t want COVID-19 to end because he was enjoying his life, stating  that he bought another Jet to add to his previous two.

Suleman said;

”In COVID, I bought a Jet, I have three, I bought a third one (in COVID)

"I was praying for COVID not to end because i was resting.

"While people were complaining, my wife came to me and said 'Can life be this sweet'?”

However, the revelations made by the preacher had since sparked outrage on social media as many accused him of cruelty and insensitivity.