3 Countries Where Sun Never Sets And There Is No Night
The world you see is a place with many interesting things, places and so on. Nature has many features and characteristics like the sunset and sunrise that makes it awesome and wonderful.

However, today I want us to talk about countries where there is no light and sun do not set.

Below are 3 countries where there is no light and the sun never sets:

1. Alaska.

This island was initially a part of Russia but the US bought it and since then it is now part of America. Well, in some parts of this Alaska, the sun does not sink between May to July, that is to say that there is no night for some time here and also in this Alaska the sun sets at around 12:30 in the night and the sunrise also occurs after 51 minutes. 

2. Canada.

Canada is also one of the amazing countries in the world with some wonders. In the northwestern region of Canada, the sun does not sink for 50 days during the summer days of the year and also there is a continuous daylight here.

3. Finland.

Finland is also in the list of country with many wonders. Well, in Finland, during the summer days, the sun does not hide for 76 days.