The Name ‘Ghana’ belongs to Mali Empire – Adamu Garba blasts Ghanaians, Twitter

Following the Twitter opening of office in Ghana, Nigerians are reacting that Ghana is now the giant of Africa.

Former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba took his twitter to slam the owner of the platform, Adamu Garba, accuses him of trying to manipulate Ghanaians with his new office in the country.

He also slammed Ghanaians, says they should not allow their country to be used as a platform for the orchestration of Nuisance on the African Internet, says even the Name Ghana belong to Male Empire.

He wrote: “They just hate Nigeria because they know that the only country that can be the next African Superpower, fully democratic, highly mobile population & good working age population is Nigeria”

“Twitter came to Ghana to target Nigerian market. They won’t admit they need us, but we know.”

“I pray Ghana would not allow their country to be used as a platform for the orchestration of nuisance on the African internet space.”

“Nigeria is safer with the Hypocrisy of Twitter. We shall have to improve on our methods for elimination of Fake News on the informationspace.”

“If Twitter does not work on the sanity of their platform in Nigerian internet space, they have nothing more than the nuisance value. I don’t rate information here because I know many people here are fake. If I want to be a nuisance & enjoy nuisance, I always come to Twitter.

“Sometimes, I wished Jack setup Twitter Africa office in Nigeria. It would have been easier for the victims of #Endsars to extract the $1Bn damage charges.”

“He has to dodge Nigeria even though his principal target market is Nigeria. He loves Nigerian money not the Nigerian people.”

“I remembered when Late Former President Hosni Mubarak celebrated Facebook’s presence in Egypt, they caused of his downfall and serious destruction to Eqyptian people and their institutions.”

“I know Ghanaians like to play too much. I hope Twitter is not used to undo Ghanian people. They told you to stay and build your country, you insult, denigrated Nigeria and compare us with very small countries like Ghana.”

“You see, every power is afraid of the sleeping giant Nigeria to wake up. Nigeria is the only country with prospects to be African version of China.”

“I don’t know what is that buzz about Ghana? a low country less than the size of Lagos. Ghana have roughly 3 million Twitter users, Nigerians have 12 million.”

“Was it Buhari the President when Obama shunned Nigeria for Ghana? These guys don’t rate you, accept it for your peace.”

“Even the name GHANA belongs to Mali Empire, it was conspicuously given to them after the fall of the ORIGINAL GHANA because it was discovered that the people there don’t know themselves to the point where they don’t even have a name for their country.”

“Remember the Gold Coast?”