Please Join Us to Return All the Glory to the Miracle Working God -  Couple  Says as Their  Dead Child Comes Back to Life (Photos)
A Nigerian couple has asked the public to help them thank God for using one Man Of God to return their child back to Life.

The Couple: "Our Baby Was Dead, in Tears 😭😭😭 We Ran to the Man of God. 

Immediately, the servant of God carried the baby, without demanding kobo from us and said, "I have time without number being to the empty tomb where CHRIST was buried (in Isreal) praying..... I am sure that God can raise the dead.

 (If He wishes, He can) If this ministry is not of God, if falsehood is in our practice, if our target here is to make money,  let us be disappointed now, but if it is of God, let there be manifestation of His Power........"

Kissing the chick of our dead baby and breathing into her nostrils,

She Jumped back to life. 💃💃💃

Pls join us to return ALL the glory to the miracle working God. 

Your miracle is next. Amen!!!