My husband stopped washing my cloths because his uncle told him it's an abomination.
My husband stopped washing my cloths because his father said its an abomination

After we got married 2 years ago, my husband lost his Job and I became the bread winner of the family. I work as an accountant in an eatery.

We have 2 children, each time I go out for work, my husband will be the one to wash cloths, take the children to school and sometimes cook.

We have been living happily, until oneday, his uncle visited on Sunday and met my husband washing the cloths while I was busy in the kitchen cooking, and I overheard him talking to my husband, "How can you stoop so low, washing your wife and children's cloths? and my husband became ashamed and stopped washing the cloths, he called me to come wash the cloths.

When I came out I pretended as if nothing happened. when his uncle left, my husband said I bewitched him that I was the one who made him lose his job so I could turn him to my housemaid. 

He warned me to never send him message again. I don't know what his uncle told him, I have been crying since. so heartbroken. I can't be doing all the house chores and be going to work.

Please what should I do?