My husband's side-chick wants me to pay her N500k and 100k yearly before she can leave my husband alone
Newly married Nigerian woman narrates how her husband's side-chick is demanding for 500k and 100k yearly so she can leave them alone.

She wrote: "I am 32 years old. I have been in a relationship for 3 years with someone I thought was the most innocent and faithful man but I was wrong. We got engaged early this year and had our traditional wedding in August. White wedding is supposed to be in September but this is what happened."

"After my traditional wedding which I posted our pictures on my Facebook and IG, a young lady called me and introduced herself as Lucy (not real name) She said that she is pregnant for my husband whom I just wed traditionally."

"Lucy said she has done 2 abortions for him previously. That she knew about me…that we were dating but that he kept promising her that he loves her and was looking for a way to break up with me…that is why she believed him."

"She said until she saw our traditional wedding pictures ,that is when she knew she was being played. That he has been avoiding her since then. This girl said she is 20 years old and that my man is the one who disvirgined her."

"After she finished talking,I asked her what she wants,she said she is sorry and never meant to hurt me but she did not know he was serious about me. She said she is willing to carry out an abortion if I ask her to. But that if I don’t want…that will I be willing to help her take care of her child?"

"She said she is young and still needs to complete school. That my man is ignoring her…she does not know if she keeps the baby if he will support her financially with her school and the baby. So she wants me to advice her: if I will help her keep the baby or if she should abort the baby."

"I told her I will call her back. I was shaking. My whole world was just shattered. Immediately my man called me and I refused to pick. So he came to our house. He started begging. That the girl is lying. That yes…he slept with her one time but she is using the pregnancy to try and get him to give her money."

"That this girl is looking for sugar daddy to sponsor her. My family and everyone is thrown in disarray. Why now…now that I am traditionally married? I wish I knew before now…I told him that I have to hear from the girl in his presence. A meeting was arranged against his wishes and both families were present."

"This girl showed us chats between her and my man and I wanted to die. They were very intimate for at least nine months. This girl said yes she knew about me but that my man kept telling her he loves her and not me…yet my man says he told her he was engaged but they just had s*x for money."

"Now…whatever they had…that is already proven…the girl wants him for money. That is why she wants to have the baby for him to take care of…so that she will be tied to him forever financially. She has said that she is willing to abort the baby for my sake but that we must settle her financially."

"Lucy wants us to give her 500k now. And 100k every year for 3 years. I am completely confused. Should I agree to her conditions and let her flush the pregnancy out while we pay her? How can I still go ahead and marry a man like this? If he cheated on me when we were engaged…what will he do when we get married? Should this be the end of our marital journey?"

"This is the wahala that I am facing. My family has said anything I want…its up to me cos I will be the one in the marriage. I know traditional marriage is as good as being married but with this situation…is it not better I end the marriage? How do I tell this lady to abort her baby cos of my marriage? Is this right as a Christian?"

"My man keeps insisting the baby is not his. This girl says it his. We cannot know for certain until we do a DNA after the baby is born. Until then…what do I do? Will it the fact that he cheated? He swears its a mistake. That he was doing it for fun…he has no feelings for her…he said he knew that once he gets married…it will stop. He is ready to by anything to promise he will be faithful in the marriage."

"What should I do…should I give my man a chance? what if the pregnancy? If I don’t ask her to abort it…that means she will have the child…that may be my husband first child (if DNA says positive)…and she will be tied to us forever."

"I need advice and prayers. I will be reading comments."