My husband bought me corolla 2005 model and sold it, just because I told him I don't like it - Nigerian woman says
A Nigerian woman is set to leave her marriage after her husband bought a Corolla 2005 model for her and she rejected it, then the husband sold the car and she got angry.


Because my husband bought me corrola 2005 model and I told him I don't like it,he sold the car😭😭😭to leave this marriage is the only thing on my head, this man has proven to me that he has no love for me,how many times did I open my legs to give birth for him,twice,

I am crying upstairs and he saw me and walked pass me,he did not even say anything unlike before,mummy Mel he sold the car😭😭😭,I am tired of using bolt and ubah,pray to God to bless me so I can treat myself,

I can buy all I want,am tired of begging a man