I Will Never In My Life Marry Any Man That Doesn’t Drink Alcohol – Nigeria Lady Says
A Nigerian Lady has come to say that she will prefer to remain single than to get married to a man that doesn't drink alcohol.

Another man’s food is another poison they say, what you detest may be the most likable to others.

Nigerian lady, made a statement under a comment section in a post on Facebook.

That is when I believe, there are Different human beings with different believes. When other ladies are running away from Men that consume alcohol, others are happy to be with them.

The case of this very young lady Malisa Amanda, has got people wondering what would have come over her, that is triggering her to utter irrational statements?

Amanda in her reaction, to a question on the Facebook group, which says give one disadvantage of men who don’t consume alcohol? She replies “very wicked people. For me, l can’t marry someone that doesn’t drink alcohol oooh.”