I used charm on Duncan Mighty so he love me the way he used to love me and stop cheating - Wife Confesses (video)
Nigerian singer Duncan Mighty has released an audio of his wife, Vivien while she was confessing to making payment to a juju priestess to regain the singer’s love.

According to the audio, uploaded on YouTube, Vivian Okechukwu, the estranged wife said she was taken to an Igbo juju woman by her sister, when she complained she was not getting Duncan’s love anymore.

According to here, the priestess told her the singer had been distracted from his marriage by another woman.

Vivian paid the woman about N580,000 for a love medicine, which Duncan later said caused him much grief and illness.

The singer had in the previous weeks threatened to released the audio if the estranged wife continued to aggravate him.

He later fulfilled his threat and posted the audio recording on YouTube

The singer wrote on Instagram: "Even when I’ve forgotten about the things you did to me most especially for the fact that my recovery and healing is assured through the help of JESUS. Just Because you escaped the public disgrace in Rumuokurusi after a police officer saved you. Instead of your mom to play the role of a mother You ànd your mom now went to @bbcnewspidgin and @nigeriainfoph to grant lies and deciete. my dear is too late

“Click the link on my bio and hear Vivian’s confessions. Part 1. You carry the same money wey i give you go tie me down with deadliest sickness. Them no dey use Lion 🦁 do sacrifice #THANKYOUJESUS”.