My mother told me to Fvck her and I did, she is very sweet
I was 14 years old the first time I fvcked my mother. She was 32 and there is no doubt that she was beautiful, she looked at least 5 years younger, had been a cheer leader in high school. At community trials she and had won several regional beauty contests.

My father had died in an auto accident when I was 6 and she had not remarried. She had a well paying job in the finance department of an international electronics company. With a substantial inheritance from her father we lived comfortably.

I was born with a powerful sx drive and beginning when I was 8-years old had begun sx play with the 6-year old girl next door. By the time she moved away 4 years later, we had advanced from fondling and fingers to fvcking and sucking. It was about then that I realized I had begun lusting for my mother. The fact that it was impossible, didn’t dim my desire. At 14 I was almost consumed by it, she was the star of every sxual fantasy when I would jerk off.

With her youth and good looks, it was impossible for my mother to go unnoticed. To protect her reputation and not embarrass me, she was discrete, going into nearby city for assignations.

The night both our worlds turned around was when she came home while I was still awake watching TV. She looked into my bedroom to say goodnight and I could tell she was slightly tipsy. A few minutes later I got up to go to the bathroom; she had not closed her bedroom door all the way and I could hear her singing to herself. 

When I peeked inside, I had the thrill of my life. My mom was stark nak£d, completely unaware of my hungry eyes. She walked over to her bed and dropped down on it, not even turning out the lamp beside the bed.

I had a spontaneous orgasm and since I slept in my boxers, my cum shot onto the floor. I went into the bathroom and jerked off again immediately. Then I grabbed some paper towels to wipe up the evidence of my reaction to seeing my mom’s tits and p*ssy. Back in my bedroom I pulled off my boxers and lay with a still erect cock, now with an all-consuming lust. It was impossible for me to go to sleep, I tossed and turned for an hour.

Then I got up and looking in at my mother sleeping with on her back, all her charms were on display. I was very anxious as I walked in and stood beside her bed. She was slim, had small tits, but more than enough fondle. A narrow waist and long, perfectly shaped legs. At her crotch was a patch of blonde pubic hair, light enough to reveal her cunt lips. I had another spontaneous ejaculation, but this time I was able to confine the spurts to my boxers.

I then climbed onto her bed, my knees beside her, I bent down and lightly licked the tips of her nipples. When she didn’t stir, I moved my hand down with the lightest of touch, started running my fingers over her pubic hair. When she showed no sign of awakening, I decided the liquor in her system must have left her in a partly drugged state. My prick again aching, I gently put a finger on her p*ssy lips. When she showed no reaction, I ran my fingers over her wet p*ssy lips. then pushed my finger into my Mom’s cunt.

She remained still and now lacking all reason, I began to finger fvck her. Suddenly a cascade of what I didn’t yet. was p*ssy juice. It ran over my fingers and leaked down the crack of her asx. I knew I was about to explode and I pressed my hard cock against my stomach to prevent cumming on my mother. I removed my finger and climbed off the bed and began walking toward the door when I heard, “Oh God Billy, you can’t leave me like this.

I turned around in shock and said, "Holy shit mom, I didn’t know you were awake, I’m so sorry!” My mom looked at me with a wicked smile and replied, "we both are, but you can’t leave me on a sxual high like this." "Put your young cock into me, give your Mom what she needs.” Needless to say I leapt back on the bed, knelt between her wide spread land began to push my hard prick inside her, and began to fvck my mother. She instructed me, "slowly Billy, you’ll cum too soon, go nice and slow." So I began a slow, steady pace, pulling my cock nearly all the way out, then back inside her warm, wet depths.

In a few seconds my Mom began a low moan. “Oooohhh…..ooooh… this shouldn’t be happening, my 14-year old son is giving me non-stop orgasms……Oooooh,, Then she shouted, “YES……YES…… cum inside, I want my own son to shoot his sperm deep inside of me." I was ready to bust and started shooting my cum inside my mom's p*ssy. In doing so she screamed, "Oh honey, I’m having the most powerful orgasm of my life!” It was a long time before her body relaxed. I rolled off her and lay on my side to cuddle against her.

“Mom, I love you." "I’ve dreamed of this for as long as I can remember.” I said still breathing hard. My mother turned on her side and faced me, “Billy you’re my son and I love you, but this was wrong for us to do." "This can never happen again!” I starred at her, “Why, You enjoyed it, you said you had the best orgasm of you’re life. why can’t I fvck you again?” “Because it’s incest, you’re smart as hell Billy, you’ve got an IQ of 130, so you should know that sx between a mother and a son is forbidden.” I quietly said, “I love you so much Mom, it almost hurts." We just had wonderful sx, and in you’re heart, you want us to it again and again. It makes us both so happy." "There’s something inside us that makes you and I need it with each other. Forget all the reasons for us not to fvck, don’t fight it, let’s do what for us comes natural for us." "Now spread your long legs again for your son,” I nearly ordered.

My mom looked at me hard, then laughed and said, “Alright you talked me into it, let’s fvck again.” What an erotic statement my mother made, the nipples on her tits hard, her cunt leaking p*ssy juice. I was quickly on my hands and knees between her legs lowering myself so my cock could slide back inside her. 

Mom said, “Oh Billy, I’m going to teach you to do all the things that will make girls you screw never get enough of your cock." "Now pull your cock out, grab it, and vigorously massage my cunt lips from top to bottom, side to side….go down and rub my asshole with it……ooohhh …..I just came…..oooohhhhh… suck and nibble lightly on my nipples ……yes….yes……. now begin to slam your cock in and out of my p*ssy as hard as you can and……” Before she could say another word my cock exploded in her cunt. 

Mom cried out, grabbed my asx and pulled me into her moaning for what seemed like forever. The excitement of it kept me hard as a rock and I continued to fvck her. “YES, yes… it again…put another load of my baby boy’s semen in me..….cum in Mom, cum inside of me!”

This time when it was over, both of us were panting and I relaxed putting the full weight of my body on my Mom. When we finally caught our breath, my mother did a wicked thing, she pulled my head down and began kissing her 14 year old son on the lips. I felt her tongue pushing against my lips and I responded. Our tongues began probing our mouths, darting in and out, running along our teeth before we were tongue fvcking! This was a kiss no mother and son should ever engage in, a forbidden thing of passion and lust.

My prick was pressed between us and I got so excited, that I sent a stream of warm cum shooting up our bodies. I noticed my mom was also having another orgasm while rubbing her clit. When we broke the kiss we lay embraced in one another’s arms. I said, “What shall we do next? I want to have every kind of sx with my mother.” My mom replied, “Oh God, I want to consume you, but look at the time, you have school in the morning and I have to go to work.”

I protested, “I’m not tired!” But my Mom responded, “Maybe not, but let’s make one thing clear, if either one of us has had all the sx they want, or is not in the mood, no whining or protests, or I'll call off our fvcking right then." "When I get home from work ,we’ll make some rules, but right now roll over and go to sleep.” “I love you Mom," was all I could say. I moved off her and surprised myself by falling almost instantly to sleep.

In the morning my mother shook me awake, “Come on Billy, get up, you need time to take a shower before you leave for school, you smell like a whore house.” When I looked at my Mom’s nak£d body and luscious cunt, I said, "Okay, but we’ve got time for a quick fvck!” Without a word, mom was on her back ready for my cock! Later, when we were having breakfast, she laughed and said, “You know Billy, starting the day being screwed by my son could get habit forming." "Oh my, we are a wicked pair.”

In a few minutes I grabbed my school bag and was out the door. You can imagine the thoughts that ran through my head as I walked. I thought to myself, I’ll be the only guy in my class that’s not a virgin. I wish I could brag about it, but of course it must remain a deep secret.

Only a total dumbass would say something and risk ending the fvcking I had just started getting. It could be hard concentrating at school today, all I'll be thinking of is fvcking my mom after she gets home from work!