I mistakenly bite my husband's Penis while sucking it and he reported me to his people - Married woman
A Nigerian Woman Identified as Mrs Ejiofor has said that she was sucking her husband's manhood and mistakenly bite it and he got angry and reported her to his people, says she wants to kill him.

Good day ma, am Mrs. Ejiofor. post for me with my identity hidden, I was sucking my husband this evening and I mistakenly use my teeth on it, since that time my husband has been calling his people that if he dies am the one that killed him, he did not explain to them, he said I poison him, it made my mum in-law called my mother that they should call us for a meeting.

How will I explain the real thing that happened that led to this issue, since the truth can't be spoken, how can I do this now.

I am not happy with my husband, he is also a member help me ask him why he want to nail me, he knows that have never suck before but force me to suck now he want to nail me