I gave my husband the N2M my father willed to me and he used it to marry another wife, build a house for her - woman cries out
Hide my identity properly and post for me. I am finished. I don't even know how to start this my story

Ok let me start this way, am married as you can see on my display picture. I married a womanizers, my husband bu nkita. he chase anything under skirt even infant he has way he will follow. my father late last year and left me with properties, my husband's elder sister now advised me to give my husband the 2m my father willed to me, I carried and gave him. 

Do you know that my husband used this money bought land and build, went straight to village to marry a new wife and put her in and we are still renting . 

This lady has put to bed last night and my husband said I should sell my portion of land, is in shagamu but I refused, he said is either I sell it for him to pay her wife's hospital bills or he divorce me, my senior brother and my mother sister said I should quietly leave, but what will become of my children they like their father so much. 

Please who will help me how to go about this wahala, please sorry for the long story you can help me edit where I make mistakes.