I cooked soup and added sugar by mistake and my Husband declared me wanted - Married woman
A Nigerian woman, (Name withheld) has said narrates how her husband declared her wanted because she cooked soup and added sugar by mistake.


"Notify me when posted madam, I am a newly married woman, am just five years old in marriage, I am married to a Big Fat man. "

"My husband has turned to a thorn on my flesh, he just declared me wanted by my family and him because I cooked soup and added sugar by mistake, when he fully knows is a mistake, he still went ahead to report me, one night I dropped my pad and pants in the kitchen by mistake."

"I was cooking and the blood stain in my pants was disturbing me too much so I removed it and when my husband saw it, he started talking, abused me and call me a dirty woman, there is nothing I have not seen in his hands, this is a man that snore and I ignore him as if I did not see anything, such a man is making life hell for me."

"I can't believe it, I want you to look into this matter, do you think this is good enough to report that a Fat man will report me to his family, even though we are newly Weds, I need advise before I do something I will hate."