I caught my Neighbour cheating on her husband, should I tell her husband? - Nigerian Lady
Please I need your advise. We live in the same compound with this woman who has three children. There are 3 other families all living together with us. Since we moved into this compound, a year ago, I and my family have been living fine, mind our business.

This my neighbor is a full time house wife. The husband works in Port Harcourt, as an Oil worker, I am told. So, she stay at home and takes care of the children. Something happened last week. The children of this my neighbor got back from school and were all sitting outside.

I came in around 6pm and met them outside. I asked where their mother was and they didn’t know. So, I asked them to come into our house. I got their mother’s no from the eldest, a boy of like 8 years. I called and the mother said she was stuck in traffic.

Long story short, she came back around 9.30pm that day. She came in and thanked me profusely for looking after the kids. The next day, she came to me and begged me to allow her children stay in my place till after school. She explained that she got a supply business with a company on the island and that she might be coming back late again.

That day, she came by 10.30pm. My husband did not like the idea. So, I told her, I cannot keep her children anymore. Next day, her children were outside. I ignored them until it began to rain. I had to bring them inside my place. I called this woman for hours…she did not pick up.

When she did, around 7pm,she said she was in traffic…I angrily told her to return before 8pm or I will send her children back to her door. She said ok. She thought she ended the call but she did not know the line was still on. That was how, I heard her talking to a man.

Before God who made me…I wish what I heard was a lie but she was talking to a man like she was in the middle of having s*x. She was moaning and laughing and saying…hurry up and kiss me, make me c*m…harder baby…yes baby…

I stared at the phone in disbelief. I cut it and called back again…several times…she did not pick up. She returned by 10.56pm that day. My husband was livid when I told him what happened. He banned me from taking in those children.

Since that day, these children have been staying outside while their mother is doing whatever she is doing. I feel so upset at her…for abandoning her children and cheating on her husband. I feel like talking to her and telling her I know what she has been doing.

I also feel like telling her husband…cos not only is she cheating….she is doing it at her children’s’ expense…and making me feel bad for not taking them in. My children see them outside and always feel sorry for them. My other neighbors are hardly around. So ,its just them outside until late at night when their mother comes back from her contract or affair.

Please what do I do? How can a mother be so heartless…how do I help the children without disobeying my husband and aiding the woman to cheat more. Cos, if I take the children in, she will feel more comfortable to do her evils.

If you were in my shoes…what will you do?