I am now a born again but I am pregnant for my father, should I kill the baby?
Hi story Teller, I am 22, Please I need advise, I have been having an affair with my father since I was 18 years old after my mother divorced my father in 2018 because of Religious beliefs.

My Father is an atheist and my mother is a Christian, before they got married, my Mother insisted that my Father must convert to Christianity before she can accept to marry him but my Father promised that if they get married and bear the first child that he would give his life to Christ and finally my mother accepted and they got married.

After 15 years, My father refused to convert to Christianity and was even trying to stop my Mum from going to church and My mother Had to divorce my Father and now she is remarried and lives in the U.K.

Staying with my Father wasn't easy, he stopped me from going to church or associating with friends. after I finished my secondary school at the age of 18, I began to love my fellow woman (Lesbian), I hated men with passion. 

One day I invited my girlfriend to the house and we were making love to each other when my father barged in and caught us. we thought he would be angry but No, he pulled off his cloths and we had threesom that very day and I and truth be told it was my first day of receiving a dick and me and my friend really enjoyed it. After some weeks, my Father forced me to take an oath that i would never tell anyone about out secret affair else I would die.

Since then, I started sleeping with my Father, he is the one that broke my virginity. Sometimes my friend will come and we will have threesom together after some months my friend got pregnant, when my father noticed it, he gave her some herbal drugs and she drank, at the process of aborting the baby, the girl passed away.

At this point I was very shocked, the next week i was in the dream and saw myself in the hell, it was horrible, i cried out my eyes in that dream, I saw an angel preaching to me, he said "Rita, you are a vessel of God, if you don't repent Now, soon you will die and join your friend in hell".

I was surprised, I said what? do hell exist?, He opened the hell and I saw my Dead friend (Ogechi) crying, asking me to stop sleeping with my Father and give my life to Christ, I saw fire burning her, I cried and i cried, she also said that those wearing wigs, makeups, short skirts, those who did abortion, fornicate, enter hell and I was shocked.

As I was still dreaming, it was already 5:30 am and my father came and woke me up, demanding for morning sex, says his prick has been erected since 2am that he needed to jerk off and i was so angry at him and pushed him out of my room.

Early in the morning I went to a reverend father and confessed my sins and accepted Jesus as my personal Life and savior.

After 5 days, I started feeling somehow, after I went for check up, I realized I was pregnant, I told my father and he said I should keep the baby and never should I tell anyone that he is the one responsible else I will die.

But I said No. that night, he tried to have $ex with me and i refused he tried to rape and i ran out of the house to my Grandmother's place, I am currently staying with her right now. I told my grand mother i am pregnant but did not tell her my father is responsible for it.

she suggested I should keep the baby since i am the only child of my parents.

Right Now, I am so confused, I am thinking of killing this innocent child because it's an abomination.

I am a born again now, please should i remove the baby? please if you read my story advise me. 

I will be at the comment section.