God has forsaken me,  I struggle so much where others easily excel - Reality star, Ifu Ennada cries out
Nigeria Reality TV star Ifu Ennada has said that she feels like God has forgotten and neglected her.

According her, she works extremely hard but God refuses to bless her and reward her for her hard work. Ifu Ennada mentioned that she struggles were others excel despite the fact that she invests heavily in her business and her personal development. 

She mentioned that God can bless her but he hasn’t done it for her. The TV star appealed to her fans to help her beg God so he can bless the work of her hand.

she wrote: someone should help me beg God, I am frustrated. If God can just remember me and bless me, I will be so happy. Sometimes I feel neglected by God. sometimes I feel I struggle so much where others easily excel."

"This year I have invested so much into Business and personal development.."

"My frustration comes from the fact that i know God is able to bless me, why won't he?"

"Am I such a terrible person? Didi he not say a little faith was all i needed?"

"I am legit tired of struggling through things."