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So You Expect Me To Leave My Investments In Lagos and Abuja To Come and start talking about nonsense Biafra With You — Joe lgbokwe

In this life, it is not possible for everyone to agree to a particular agreement made by a particular group of people.

There are some people that will surely disagree with the proposal, It is not a new thing that some Igbo people are fighting to create Biafra, but some of the same Igbo people don’t want to accept the idea at all.

They still believe in one Nigeria, some of them believe that creating Biafra isn’t really necessary for the Igbo people.

While some of them believe that what the Igbo people need is just an Igbo man to be president.

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Joe Igbokwe is one of the Igbo people who don’t support the creation of Biafra at all.

A video was posted in Facebook where he made his point and said why he doesn’t support the creation of Biafra.

According to him, he said that all the south eastern states won’t agree together.

While some of the Igbo states are fighting for Biafra, some are against Biafra, so how is it possible to create Biafra with this type of divergent motives.

Another point he made was that he won’t leave all his multi-million naira investments he has in other states like Lagos, Abuja and come to create and live in Biafra. He said that Igbo people should forget about this Biafra thing, it is not gonna work. watch the video of his speech here.


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