See what a man found in his soup that would have killed him (photos)

A Nigerian man identified as ChubbyChinanu Emeka Reuben on Facebook is giving thanks to God for saving his dear Life after he ate in a restaurant and found a very big Fish hook that would have killed him if accidentally swallowed.

According to him, he ordered a bowl of egusi soup mixed with bitterleaf soup and while he was eating, he found a hook with a sharp pointed end in the soup.

“God loves me.”

“Last Sunday, I left home for church as early as 7am. Service ended at about 11:30 am and I started my journey home. On my way, I decided to patronize a restaurant not too far from home because I needed to fix myself before settling down to prepare my favourite Sunday meal(Rice and Stew).”

“The previous day, (Saturday) was hectic for me. I was tired and hungry because I returned home late after a busy Saturday outing, went to bed hungry because I didn’t have the strength to start cooking and even if I did, it was too late to eat something heavy at 9:30 pm. So I held myself till service was over.”

“When I arrived, I ordered for eguisi mixed with bitterleaf soup. I began to help myself with the delicacy before me. Alas! See what I found midway. A big hook. I was completely taken aback. I was filled with shock, resentment and disbelief. What if I had ingested it innocently? What if it got stuck in my throat? Many questions popped up in a rapid succession.”

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“Consequently, I quietly sought the attention of the lady that served me. In disappointment, I asked “madam, how could you guys be this negligent?” What a breach of duty of care! This is a new restaurant open to the general public. You ought to apply excellence in your service delivery and shun recklessness.”

“I just didn’t want to draw the attention of other customers to the conversation that was going on. She apologized and explained that it was stuck in the stockfish they bought from their supplier. I just paid her and left.”

“I have pondered over it in the last 2 days and have realized how much God loves and cares about me even in my imperfections.🙏❤️”

“Please, always observe what you consume.”

“Neatly process what you prepare for public consumption.”
No be everybody dey accept “oga, abeg na”.
Let’s be guided.