Responsible Men Washes Their wife panties – Anita Joseph’s husband, MC Fish

Fisayo Olagunju a.k.a MC Fish, the husband of Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has revealed he washes his wife’s underwears.

In a video shared on social media, MC Fish revealed his wife respects him so much, treats him like a king, and tells him before making any decision.

According to MC Fish, for a woman who does so much for him, he has no choice but to reciprocate, and if it means washing her shoes and panties, it is no big deal.

He added that if his wife can wash his boxers, nothing stops him from doing likewise, and he does it often and not ashamed to say it.

In his words: “Before she takes any decision she tells me, before she posts anything she tells me.What more can I ask for? A woman that respects me .

I must respect her back.If I have to wash her shoes in public I will do it.If I have to wash her undies, I will.

Its not like I am not even doing it already.If she can wash my boxers, why wont I be able to wash her pants?I will do it, that is my wife and it doesn’t concern anybody at the end of the day”.
His statement has elicited various comments from Nigerians on social media.

Read the comments below:

@Princesssalt: No be juju! No be jazz! That’s just how they were made for each other!
@Dgt_fragrances: I really do not understand the way people think. The man loves and treats his woman like a Queen cos she does the exact same thing, treats him like a King. and people have an issue with that? Wait is there something I’m missing? cos the comments are shocking.
@Gatsegwasi: Very unpopular opinion. I actually like their relationship and how they support each other in public too. May God bless and prosper their uni