Reports Of Herdsmen Killing People In The South Is Nothing But A Propaganda — Joe Igbokwe

Over the last few months, we heard reports that Fulani Herdsmen are killing people in the South, The issue later escalated into a widespread crisis, leading to the prohibition of their activities in some states like Ondo state.

However, not everybody believes that Fulani Herdsmen are the ones perpetrating such acts, some believe that many of the heinous crimes perpetrated in the South are carried out by Citizens while innocent Fulani Herdsmen are blamed for the evil acts.

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As stated above, Joe Igbokwe happens to be one of those who do not believe Fulani Herdsmen are the ones killing and defiling Southern women in their farms. The APC Chieftain while addressing the topic on his Facebook page, claimed that the reports of killings by Fulani Herdsmen in the south are nothing but propaganda.

He wrote, ” U come to their land where you are outnumbered. They didn’t defile and kill you. They come to yours where they are outnumbered. They defile and kill you. Propaganda is bad”.

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