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Remi Tinubu under fire for calling woman ‘thug’ at constitution review hearing (Video)

Senator Remi Tinubu, was involved in an altercation on Wednesday at the venue for the south-west zonal public hearing of the constitution review.

She had referred to a woman as a thug during a confrontation outside the event hall at Marriott Hotel in Lagos.

It all started when citizens were waiting on the queue as Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos, came in and was ushered in through the backdoor, after which the front door was shut.

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The ushers then informed those on the queue that registration had closed for the day.

However, the development did not sit well with those who were unable to register, and they refused to leave the queue.

It was at this moment that some lawmakers from Oyo state passed the queue and were about to be ushered in, leading to commotion at the front entrance.

As the shouts continued near the front door, with those on the queue insisting that they had been unfairly treated, the Oyo lawmakers were about to be hurriedly ushered through the backdoor, but the people followed them, preventing them from being allowed into the hall.

However, after some consultation with the personnel at the door, Tinubu showed up at the backdoor to allow the lawmakers in.

As she was about to do this, a woman, who complained about being denied entry, decried the partial treatment and voiced out her frustration.

Seeing this, the Lagos central senator beckoned on her and two others, only to call the woman a “thug”.

Watch the video:

@Dark_Whistler; E good say all these dey happen. See the way she attempts to shut down anyone that opposes or challenges her.

@theonly1acre; Tell me one time Remi Tinubu has ever been in the news for anything worthy? It’s either she’s fighting, blackmailing or threatening citizens. That’s Nigeria’s First Lady that never was. Agbero Senator, Fake Pastor. Gees!!!! Aunty, you are just as razz as you come.LEEMAO !!!


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