No Leave No Transfer, You are Forever a Man: Reactions as Bobrisky thanks God for leaving male gender

Idris Okuneye who is also known as Bborisky, has once again, caused quite a buzz on social media following his recent remarks online.

A story of a lady whose boyfriend announced his marriage to another, to her via Snapchat, had been trending and Bobrisky was among those who reacted to the story.

Man proposes, God disposes — Man says in message to his girlfriend announcing his marriage to another woman

Condemning the man, Bobrisky had this to say:

“Well, if I was the lady, I will thank God for not letting me end up with such a fool. Nothing more to say!! It’s the audacity for me and still apologizing on top of the audacity. Men will always disgrace you. Such a stupid gender, thank God I left the group.”

Several internet users reacted to Bobrisky’s comments. While many were of the opinion that he could never leave his gender, there were others who seized the opportunity to tease him.

Check out some comments below:

ladyque_1: “Left to where? Bob na man you be “

lx.amara: “No leave no transfer you’re forever a man.”

dannywalta: “Whether you like am or not, big gbola still dey your front.”

realkunle:”FBI go soon uncover your real gender.”

andyblayz: “To where exactly? Bob u can never squat to pisss ! U must stand “

mimicutee: “Mama the papa.”

thisfinagirlsef: “I don’t know if I should cry at the lady’s plight or laugh at bob’s statement “

officialjasonwilson:”We never miss you anyway “

etta_xoxo: “He said he left the male genderbob should consider comedy bikolet me run ‍♂️ before he comes for me.”