Nigeria’s oldest man ‘Ichie Ozo Nwibe Nwosu’ dies at the age of 120 in Awka

The man supposed to be the Nigeria’s oldest man, Ichie Ozo Nwibe Nnechi Chinweuba Nwosu ( Ozo Udoakpuenyi 1 of Awka Kingdom has died at the age of 120 years.

In a tribute sent to 9news Nigeria by Hong Kong University Research Assistant, Dr Obuekwe Anizoba Tagbo, Ichie Ozo Nwibe Nwosu was described as a legend and a titan of many generations.

Tribute Dr Obuekwe Anizoba Tagbo

The passing of a legend to the great beyond – Ichie Ozo Nwibe Nnechi Chinweuba Nwosu ( Ozo Udoakpuenyi 1 of Awka Kingdom died on this day 20th June 2021 at the age of 120 years.)

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His Imperial Majesty Obi Dr Chukwuezugo Austin Ndigwe MON JP Ezeuzu the III of Awka Accient Kingdom and his cabinet Chiefs received the body of Late Otochali Awka today 20/06/21 at his palace. Late Otochalu Awka, Ozo Nwibe Nnechi Chinweuba Nwosu (Ozo Udoakpuenyi) is lying in state to rest in Umudioka village Awka today.

The body will be interred at midday in line with Awka tradition and custom. Ozo Udoakpuenyi passed on 3 days ago and he was born in year 1901, 120-years old of aged…

His legacies remain perfect as he joined his ancestors to the great beyond which is a natural place for deceased souls who keep what made them in their life. He once said that after a soul’s time on earth is up, they jump down to a giant hole that takes said soul away from their body and mortal life and into the afterlife. The great before is one of the locations is a fantastical land where these new souls get their personalities, quirks, and interests before they go back to the planet Earth. It is also home to the abstract figures.

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He is a Titan of many generations and knew that his eminent transition is great beyond. Awka Kingdom were blessed to have him and to learn many valuable lessons from him when he was alive as a highly regarded principal man. In a year heart-wrenchingly challenging for the entire global community as the pandemic spread around the entire world, life and death became a harrowing part of daily life. The devastation was accentuated by the loss of some of the most notable figures from a variety of causes who graced everything to made their mark in fields of justice

Rest on Otochali Awka Kingdom
Rest on Otochali Ozo Awka Kingdom
Rest on Ozo Udoakpuenyi