Home News Nigerian secondary school girls spotted smoking Shisha (video)

Nigerian secondary school girls spotted smoking Shisha (video)

A video shared online shows the moment some Nigerian secondary school girls where spotted smoking shisa while another film them.

In the video, a background music sang in Yoruba Language is heard playing while they smoke without shame.

Smoking shisha is a form of smoking tobacco that was established in Persia and India centuries ago. It is also called hookah, narghile, argileh, waterpipe, goza or hubble bubble smoking.

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The apparatus which is used consists of a water pipe with a chamber for smoke, a bowl, a pipe and a hose. When in use, charcoal is burned in the pipe which heats a specially-prepared tobacco mixture and creates the smoke that is filtered through water. Interestingly, it is thought that the original shisha used a water pipe carved from a coconut shell and milk to filter opium or hashish.

Smoking Shisha can cause Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Infectious Diseases, according to News-medical.net.


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