Nigerian Driver breaks bottle on Policeman’s Head for trying to seize his Vehicle (video)

A video shared online shows the moment a Nigerian Driver was assaulting a Nigerian policeman for doing his job.

In the video, the officer is seen trying to impound the vehicle of a violent man who smashed a bottle on the policeman’s head unprovoked.

The video which showed the officer clinging to the man’s car, also captured the moment the driver broke a bottle on the security operative’s head.

The person recording the video or close to the person recording the video could be heard egging on the assailant to smash the bottle on the policemen’s head, all just because he was a police.

Another voice could be heard in the background replying to the accomplice to act saying what if that was your father would say the assailant should smash a bottle on the police’ head he replied saying can’t you see he is a policeman I don’t care, just smash his head.

Just recent a policemen ASP Sunday Erhabor was honoured and reward for his high level of professionalism and calmness while trying to arrest a traffic offender who assaulted, punched, slapped and shoveled him in the chest.