Why slay queens marry faster than Responsible Ladies - Rev. Fr. Prince Chukwuma (video)
Catholic priest, Rev Prince Chukwuma has revealed why Why slay queens marry faster than Responsible Ladies.

During a sermon in his church, speaking in Igbo Language, the Rev fr, opined that Most responsible Ladies don't take care of themselves, yet they expect men to marry them.

He said: "As a Christian, If you want to get married, you should dress smart, smell good, Have manner of approach, also watch your weight"

"Stop eating everything you see, most of the ladies will eat 2 plates of Fufu by 9pm, and soon they become fat and expect God to give them husband, how is that possible? How can you expect God to give heavy Load to someone else?"

"Learn how to cat walk, Take your bath, stop wearing one cloth, make your hair, apply lips stick, it is your physical appearance that will first attract a man before your character."

"Most of your destiny husbands have married slay queens and ended up in court or breakup because you the destiny wife is not taking care of yourself and therefore cannot attract him. No matter how good your character is, you need to take care of your self before men can come around you, everything is not spiritual problem"

"Your packaging matters a lot, Stop keeping yourself carelessly, the fig tree was able to attract Jesus because the leaves are beautiful," He added.