WAR: Fulani herdsmen caught on Camera sharing AK-47 and Ammunition in the Bush (video)
A video shared online shows Some suspected Fulani herdsmen are sharing AK-47 and Ammunition in the Bush for self defense.

We could not hear exactly what they were saying but the video shows some weapons in Carton and guns beside them.

According to reports, the Herders are getting ready to fight back as they are being evicted from the Bushes and forests in the southern part of Nigeria due to terrorism.

A social media user who shared the video wrote: "Don't be distracted by #OccupyLekkiTollGate when there are Fulanis in your forests/villages receiving ammunitions from their sponsors in Gov't seat to war and take over communities across Nigeria."

Note: The Fulanis in this video released this video to show Nigerians what's coming.