Things Fall Apart: A Fake pastor Impregnated Me With A Demonic Child With An Evil Tail! - Woman cries out (Photos)
We had gone to Many traditional healers but none of them were able to help us with the issues we were facing.

After giving up hope in ever finding help to save us from our misery we found out about a powerful pastor that can destroy any evil in anyone’s life.

I was very sceptical at first but my family was very optimistic about him so we went to his church just to see if any of the things we heard were true.

When we got there it was jam packed, people from all around the world were there to witness his power.He definitely looked like a man of good, well dressed and looked holy.

I instantly believed that he was powerful why else would so many people come to his gathering?.We watched as he prophesied and prayed over people and the healed instantly.

Those who couldn’t walk started walking again, those who couldn’t see regained there sight.I could imagine all our problems fading away with just one touch and prayer from him.

Fake pastor Impregnated Me With A Demonic Child With An Evil Tail!

To get close to the pastor and for him to pray for you we each needed R5000.There were 5 of us at home my parents, my two brothers and I.In total that was a cost of R25000 which my family didn’t have.

Out of everyone at home I was the most problematic one.I was 26 years never been married or dated before, I had constent migrants and always felt sick most of the time.

Because of all this my parents decided that i should be first to see the pastor.My father gathered the money and I booked an appointment to see the prophet during the course of the week.

My appointment was scheduled for Thursday night and when I went to church to meet him I only travelled alone because of costs.When I got there I was the last one in line.

I watched as each person got in and out, looking a happy and healed after their appointment.I was do anxious I could just imagine myself all healed from my problems and living a happy life.

When it was finally my time to go see him shivers ran down my spine and I could hear my heart beat.When I stepped into his office he was sitting over is desk looking straight at me.

He has a wonderful smile on his face and looked very comforting.I set down and immediately got comfortable ready for my problems to go away.

He held me hand and told me what I beautiful Young woman I am and that he sees a bright future for me without any suffering.He took some anointing oil and poured it over my head and praying for me.

He was such a powerful man of God, I could feel the demons eradicating out of my body.

The prophet than told me that the demons in my life are very powerful and live inside me.

Fake pastor Impregnated Me With A Demonic Child With An Evil Tail!

He said that for him to remove them completely out of my life he had to remove them from within me.

I didn’t understand what he meant by this but he did something that I couldn’t have thought a pastor would do.

Throughout the whole deed I was so scared and confused, I agreed to this because he said it was the only way to heal me.

It was the first time I did this before and was very painful.After he was done praying for me he told me not to tell anyone because that’s how the power of God works, it is sacred.

I went back home hoping everything was going to be okay and everything was going to change for the good.

My family was so happy to see me, they asked me what happened and I couldn’t tell them because I wanted it to desperately work.

Few weeks later I started vomiting and getting more sicker then I normally was.My mother took me to the clinic where they confirmed I was pregnant.

My Mom was shocked with the results and I had to come clean as to how I got pregnant.There was no way of proving this and my parents let it be.