There will No peace in Nigeria until Justice is done – George Obiozor, New Ohanaeze President
Chief George Obiozor, the Newly Elected Ohanaeze Ndigbo president General in an Interview with AriseTv says there will be No peace in Nigeria until Justice is severed most especially to Igbos.

According to him, Nigerian Leaders shouldn’t be expecting Peace when there is Injustice in the Country.

He added that The Igbos has been cheated and Marginalized meanwhile they are the smartest in Africa.

“Since the History of this country, have you ever seen an Igbo man heading any security sector? But the world recognizes Igbos, they are making ways every, they are Talented, they are exceptionally Intelligent.”

“Part of the problem of the country is not Utilizing what they have, because if you prefer mediocrity, you will get a Mediocrity country.”

Those Denying Justice in Nigeria, Have No interest in Peace, there will be no peace without Justice.

He added that If president Buhari embraces Justice, there will be Peace.

“As Long the Leader refuse to embrace Justice, he will never have peace, who will Endure and then work along with their Leader? Who does that? History Forbids that.”

He added that A true Nationalist shouldn’t care about Religion or Believe, and should have a sense of Balancing and be fair, adding that Nigeria founding Fathers did Justice but Present Government is practicing a Government of Monopoly and expect People to be happy.