Taxi driver begs for help after making just £18 in One Day in Scotland (video)
A Cab Driver in Scotland, Identified as Harry McKean has recorded a heartbreaking plea for help after making just £18 in a day due to the national lockdown.

McKean was left close to tears after working eight-and-a-half hours - barely making £20 to show for it.

The taxi driver, from Glasgow, fears he will not make it through the pandemic without cash aid - and can't afford to take out another loan.

He has even considered giving up his cab and hunting for another job.

Speaking from his taxi in a two-minute clip, Harry said: "Nearly three hours now I've been out, not one hire.

"Yesterday I did an eight-and-a-half shift and recorded £18.60 earnings.

"I'm now going to go home and discuss with the wife what way we go forward. Do we hand the taxi back? Do I try and get another job, which would seem highly unlikely.

"We needed help last year and we still need it even more now."

The minimum wage in Scotland is £8.72 per hour.

Hitting out at the lack of support for taxi drivers, he added: "This Scottish administration have not put their hand in their pocket once to help us out.

"The only help we've received is from the Westminster Chancellor, Mr (Rishi) Sunak. Whilst it's been a great help, it's not been enough. We need more.

"I know there are other people out there people needing the same, but we're not a fixed premise, we can't apply for those grants.

"We still have fixed costs - I have fixed costs of about £1,000 a month, between taxi payments, insurance and running costs.

"Do I decide to give that up, go into another job or go into arrears with other payments? We don't know how we're going to go.

"So I'm asking, I'm now begging for somebody, somewhere within Holyrood, local council, anywhere, to start looking at this seriously and get us some kind of serious grant.

"Because we can't afford any more loans, we don't have the earning capacity to pay for them and even further down the line we're just going to run up debt that we can't afford or people just can't afford to give us the credit these days.

"I'm begging you councillors, you MSPs out there, take a serious look at this industry and get some help out there because we have fixed costs, like business owners with fixed premises do as well."