Speed Darlington blasts Tunde Ednut for not using JuJu to protect his Instagram page from being blocked (video)
Nigerian music artist Speed Darlington has blasted Tunde Ednut for not using charms to protect his Instagram page.

It has been more than one week since Tunde Ednut, a famous Nigerian blogger, lost his 2.7 million Instagram page after it was reported as spam by an online user in 2018.

Speed Darlington however believes that Tunde did not act wisely by using zero spiritual protection to run his celebrity Instagram account.

According to him, “whenever you’re in a position that is attractive, people want that space”. Tunde Ednut is not even connected to any “Baba” (native doctors).

Speed Darlington also indirectly called out Tunde Ednut for not being creative, so as to bounce back the same way he did when he faced a similar challenge.