Soldier exposes Nigerian Army, reveals how they were ordered to kill people in Orlu, how Christian soldiers are being killed (video)
A Nigerian soldier Identified as Joseph from Bayelsa state, has exposed the Nigerian Military on their plans against Eastern security Network and People or Orlu, Imo state, and Christian soldiers.

In a video shared online, the angry soldier storm a market in Bayelsa as he expose the alleged plans of Nigerian Army.

"In this country, If you say anything that is above your power, you will have problem"

"My name is Joseph, am from Bayelsa, Am a soldier."

The soldier shew off his Identity and reminded the people that he is also wearing his Uniform, warns all Soldiers in the North to come back as they are being killed.

"If your brother is a soldier in the North, tell him to come back home"

The soldier revealed He just came back from the North in fight against Boko Haram, alleged that Nigerian Army picks only Christian soldiers to fight Boko Haram and when they get their, the military chiefs would ask the Boko Haram members to kill the Christian soldiers.

"Toda, will make it 5 days I came back from Maiduguri in fight against Boko Haram, anytime Nigerian Military chiefs wants to select soldiers to fight Boko Haram, they select only Christian soldiers, if they take you to the War front, they will be the one to inform Boko Haram secretly where you are, the Boko Haram would come and kill you there."

"If any soldier dies, the moment they are supposed to give to the soldier's Family, they will share it there".

Speaking on the Airstrike attack in Orlu as Nigerian Army search for Eastern Security Network, (ESN) He said the Nigerian soldiers had a meeting and was told to kill people in Orlu.

"Nigerian Military chiefs in Onitsha Barracks ordered soldiers to go to Orlu to kill people, that is the order the gave. He added.

A social Media user who shared the video wrote; "Listen Carefully To What This Nigerian Soldier Said About #OrluAirAttack And The Killing Of Christian Soldiers In The North. The Same Thing IPOB Leader @MaziNnamdiKanu Have Being Saying About The Conspiracy Against Southerners In Nigeria."