See what Plastic surgery did to Canadian singer, The Weeknd (photos)
Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye popularly known as The Weekend, has gotten his fans extremely worried after sharing a picture of his new looks on social media.

For some time now, the 30-year-old RnB singer has constantly filled his Instagram timeline with images having hints of a face construction.

He finally left the world in total shock today after sharing an image of what looks like an extreme plastic surgery which he had on Tuesday, January 5, according to PageSix reports.

His new appearance could be likened to those of someone who was suffering an allergic reaction.

Fans are even more furious that someone like The Weeknd with such good looks could proceed with a plastic surgery.

“Pity, he was actually one of the better looking man out there. Shame,” one person commented on his Instagram post.

“Plastic surgery got you lookin’ like a clown,” said another.