Nigerians Reacts  After A 10-Year Old Boy Was Crowned King In Anam, Anambra State (photos)
A 10-year old has emerged as the youngest Igwe in South East Nigeria after the demise of the last King Olame 1 of Iyiora Anam. His father was also the youngest Igwe in Anam, Igwe Onyeachonam Okonkwo the Olame 1 of Iyiora.

In the system of monarchy, a heir to the throne always takes over when the ruler dies. This would occur, irrespective of the heirs age.

In a village called 'Iyiora Anam, located in the western part of Anambra state, a little child of just 10yrs old has been crowned the king following the demise of his father.

As posted in a Facebook page called 'Relationship and Dating tips', the sight of this has kept the viewers bewildered as this is a rare phenomenon that doesn't come in haste and sequel to this multiple reactions were provoked.

A few people criticised and condemned the ideology of such a young boy ascending the throne while a reasonable number of people welcomed it and pleaded for wisdom unto him so as to guide and lead his people optimally.