Pray To Your God That You  Don't Be Among Those 3 Billion people We Are Going To Kill, Else Consider Yourself Dead
American Doctor Robert O. Young has revealed plans to reduce the world Population by Eliminating about 3 Billion People, starting from Africa.

In an Interview with ITNJ judicial commission of Inquiry into Weaponization of the Biosphere, He said, most people, Especially Africans are worthless, useless, and the Population control would start in Africa, and at least 3 billion people need to die.

In the video shared online, a Centapost Reporter, He said: “For the purpose of sterilization and Population control, there are too many people on the planet we need to get rid of, in the words of Bill Gates – at least 3 Billion people need to die.”

“So, we are going to start of in Africa, start doing our research there and eliminate most of the Africans because they are deplorable, they are worthless, they are not part of this world economy, so they have the right stake anyway and they are suppressed and experimented.”

Sharing the video, Fani Fayode wrote: "Africa O Africa! Listen to this, watch your back and pray hard...."

American Doctor O. Robert speaks on reducing the population in the world, starting from Africa