Ohanaeze is a Disgrace, We will HUNT every Biafra Saboteur this 2021 - Nnamdi Kanu (photos)
Nnamdi Kanu Kanu has said that this year 2021 is a year of hunting down Biafra Saboteurs, after Yoruba Council of Elders vowed to protect their borders and Lives in the region.

Reacting to the statement, Nmadi Kanu wondered why Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, Igbo Governors could not stand up for their people, instead they are Busy pursuing 2023 presidency, says they are disgrace.

He wrote: "This is from Yoruba Council of Elders. Isn't this how genuine ELDERS are supposed to speak when their land is in danger?"

"Compare and contrast with their counterparts in the East. What have their own elders been saying? You guessed it, NOTHING! "

"For all they care Fulani can turn Abakaliki to an emirate it doesn't matter as long as you make one of them a vice presidential candidate in 2023."

"These shameless Efulefus in Ohaneze & PANDEF along with their utterly moronic followers are preoccupied with chasing the destructive and elusive dream of 'Igbo presidency'. They sit and hopelessly watch as the illegitimate Administrator of Imo State Hope Uzodinma and other eastern governors busy themselves with distributing our sacred ancestral lands to Fulani terrorists from Mali and Sene-Gambia. Apex socio-cultural organisation indeed, more like apex socio-cultural idiocy & capitulation. A gang of rogues without shame nor honour."

"Since Ohaneze have sold their soul to Lucifer and are effectively willing tools in the caliphate conquest of the land of our ancestors, such an organisation should NOT exist. Ohaneze is a disgrace."

"My humble suggestion is that a more robust World Igbo Congress (WIC) be constituted to replace the present day Miyetti Allah run Ohaneze Ndi-Oshi."

"Every sabo must know that #2021 is the year of the great HUNT. Therefore I say to all Biafran patriots happy hunting season!"