No Inch Of Biafran Territory Will Be Surrendered To Your Masters From The Sahel - Nnamdi Kanu To Eastern Governor
The leader of the largest Separatist mass movement in Nigeria, West Africa, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of the Indigenous People Of Biafra has sent an unmistakeable clear message to the eastern governors, who over the decades seemed to had done little or nothing about the menaces of the Fulani terrorists in their respective area of control.

From the information gathered by JOURNAL REPORTERS, the Eastern governors, who happened to have gained political offices with the aid of the Fulani caliphates of the north, are always in countenance with the detect of the cabals.

However, kanu is been quoted as saying that no inch of Biafra territory will be surrendered to the governors masters.

"I have news for all of you agents of Fulani Janjaweedism in the south, no inch of Biafran territory will be surrendered to your masters from the Sahel. You can continue to roll over and submit to the conquistador metality of the caliphate but in Biafraland we would rather all die that cede our ancestral lands to savages"__Kanu said

Going further, kanu elucidated how some parts of Nigeria lost their inheritance to these terrorist groomed from the north

"Yoruba lost Illorin, Hausa lost Gobir (present day Sokoto), Nupe lost Bida, Attah of Igala was forcibly converted to Islam with some of his people, Oturkpo will be the next to fall to the relentless march of the Janjaweed caliphate from Sene-Gambia as some of you continue to ignorantly mouth your One #Nigeria gibberish or Igbo presidency.

"Foolishly and idiotically as  usual, some elements from these Fulani conquered Islamic enclaves in the  #Zoo are busy helping their conquerors to conquer Biafraland. How pathetic!". Kanu stated.

Considering the news of the ravages perpetrated by bandits that seemed to have state sponsorship, kanu urged people to rise up and fight for their freedom

"The sooner you people get this into your daft one Nigeria skulls the better. Take a look at the headlines below and weep for the ignorance of your average British manufactured Nigerian.

Nigeria gba kwa oku."__He concluded