Nnamdi Kanu launches  another Eastern Security Network in  Akwa Ibom (video)
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu during his LIVE broadcast, Sunday releases a video showing another section of Eastern Security Network launched on the 12th December, 2020.

According to IPOB leader, they are Akwa Ibom based security outfit dispatched to safe guide lives and property.

“Here is a cadre of the main Akwa Ibom guard of #ESN.

"It is called Eastern Security Network (ESN) for a reason because every major ethnic nationality in the old Eastern Region and beyond is well represented, both men and women."

"ESN is not for the South East alone, it serves to protect the entire region of South East & South South. As you can see the LUGUBRIOUSLY named South South is accounted for in the command structure of ESN in terms of personnel and officer class."