Nigerian Soldier driving One-way slaps Footballer Ofoedu for refusing to give-way with his G-wagon (video)
A Nigerian Soldier driving One-way has slapped Footballer Chikelu Ofoedu for giving way.

In a video shared online, the footballer confronted the soldier asking him why he slapped him but the soldier keep claiming right despite violating the Traffic rules.

In the Video, the Footballer asked the soldier to kill him as they exchange words on the highway.

Later some police men came around to beg the both parties for calm, but a traffic inspector (police officer) is heard telling the soldier to go, adding that he has the right to follow one-way because he is an officer of the law.

A Nigerian Lawyer Identified as Barrister, Maduka who shared the video online wrote: 

"I put up a post that the Nigerian Army  should never be celebrated and that it should be disbanded and I was being attacked even privately. This is a Nigerian soldier slapping a Nigerian International Footballer because the footballer who is even driving a better car refused to give way as a bloody civilian. "

"You can see the soldier even came down from his vehicle with a cutlass even when he was the person driving against traffic."

"That's the attitude of most Nigerian soldiers. Civilians are worse than door mats. Imagine this illiterate and unrefined monkey that walks around with a cutlass in his car, thinking because he attended a defence academy, everyone else is below him. "

"Which serious organisation will employ such a person if not the Army.  Cowardly fools and zombies like this can easily be deployed to shoot civilians and they will do so without any qualms. "

"I repeat, there is nothing to celebrate about the Nigerian Army. It's a criminal organisation that has brought into hardship, misery and backwardness to Nigeria(ns). It should be quickly disbanded."