Nigerian Lady accuses her husband of having $ex with their 9-month-old Baby (photos)
A Nigerian Lady Identified as Onyinye Onome has accused her husband, Inalu Victor Chukwutem, CEO GGS, Delta state of sexually Molesting their 9-month-old baby after she caught [email protected] severally.

In a video shared online, the Lady said she caught her husband having the canal knowledge of their baby since then, the man has been threatening to kill her.

she added that her son doesn't sleep at night, he can't sit well due to the sexual assaults'

Proving her claims, she said that she woke up from her bed and saw her husband lying [email protected] on a chair and their baby was beside him pulling his manhood, and she was shocked and asked the husband not to allow the baby touch his manhood and she took her baby in, but he wouldn't listen.

NeXT Time, she caught her husband putting his dick in their babies mouth and she shouted and they argued.

After her investigations she noticed her baby has been penetrated as the baby couldn't sit well again, cries when you touch his buttocks.

On Facebook, She wrote: "Please don't ignore this at all take it seriously my life is in danger by my husband Inalu Victor chukwutem and he has vowed to kill me.....I don't go to my shop anymore, I can't walk freely because gun men after me just because I spoke out....Call him if anything happens to me."

"Call him if anything whatsoever happens to be spiritually physically "Inalu Victor Chukwutem the CEO GGS"

"See, there are men, fathers, leaders who are ready to corrupt the destiny of people/children just like my son and still stand tall to preach what they are not....This gave me an eye opening not only to the monster I am married to but some friends I look up to but I knew but made a move just to indeed confirm and it is what it the end of this a lot of people  will be after my life just like my husband but my son is just 9mnths 2wks to be served thus hot pain and the monster still walks freely having the help of  fathers(TEARS)"