My Name  Is Lizzy Chimuamanda, Here Is My Contact, I Need An Active Member Of IPOB That Will Love Me - Beautiful Biafran Lady Says
I Am a full blooded Biafran Lady.

My name  is lizzy Chimuamanda 

Am a full blooded Biafran

Am from Owerri province Biafra.  

And  am 29 years  old 

Am a Biafran actives. 

As an activist  I must  not  marry  a non Biafran  and  if you're  also  a Biafran  you  must  be  an ipob member and  not  just  a member you  must  be  an active  member who  pays  his dues  regularly.

Please  don't  bother  about my wealth and property without  Biafran freedom i have nothing. 

Dear  Future husband please  always  remember this  am only  interested in bride price am not interested in  white wedding.