My girlfriend is dating a Rev. Father, should i expose them? - Man
Hello good people,

I have issue that gave me sleepless night since 14th of February. I had a girl that I was dating even though I am married. But I later stopped the relationship because I was not comfortable with the extra marital affair. I love my wife and I usually feel guilty whenever I do such.

This particular lady is very beautiful a d from a poor background. I assumed its because of her background that she resorted to promiscuity to meet her needs. Out of benevolence, I secured admission for her to go to school and supported he'd all through the OND (poly) period. In between that period, I noticed she was sleeping with a rev father as well and the man spents on her. 

The lady in question is just 21 and the rev father is in his late 40s. I am in my early 30s. I confronted her and she confessed to be dating this rev father from the age of 17. I had to allow her continue because the man spends like crazy on her. I thought of how to make her stop illicit relationship. 

I have been following up on jobs for her so she can be independent (so I thought) because she claims she can't leave the rev father because of the money she gets from him. 

Finally, I got a call from a food friend that there is vacancy in one of this new generation bank and the start up monthly pay is 80k with free medical and pension. The interview was meant to take place on 15th. I called this lady to inform her, she told me to my face that she can't go for the interview. I was shocked. I asked for reasons, she said no reason but she can't. That was how the opportunity passed. It was later I got information she left her parents house to go and spend the valentine with the rev father and she lied to her parents that she went for the interview I invited her.

I felt really sad and betrayed that people can be so foolish to this level. Should I report to her parents or I should just let it slide. I am not in any kind of sexual relationship with her for a long time now.