Life Is So Much More Than A$$ – Khafi Replies Critic
BBNaija star, Khafi replied a fan who reprimanded her for failing to show her a$$ in the #BussItChallenge video she shared on Twitter.

The challenge which has been trending on social media for this is for ladies to dance and twerk in tight revealing clothes.

Khafi jumped onto the trend but changed the pattern by dancing with her Bible instead of twerking.

This sparked rage in the fan who reprimanded her saying “Shut up and show a$$”.

shut up and show ass

— henna (@starsix7even) January 8, 2021

Reacting to his tweet, Khafi wrote;

“Life is so much more than ass darling ”

Life is so much more than ass darling

— A Cup of Khafi #EndSARS (@KhafiKareem) January 8, 2021