#Lekkitollgate: They sit down to negotiate with bandits but arrest peaceful protesters' - Nigerians reacts (photos)
Nigerians on social media are angered by the arrest of some suspected #occupylekkitollgate protesters at Lekki toll gate.

The protesters were caged in police vans as the Lagos state police command and the federal government earlier warned that the protest will not hold. 

 Comedian, Mr. Macaroni was also arrested this morning at the Lekki Toll Gate

Nigerians have condemned the arrest and have called for their release using different hashtags; #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria, #EndPoliceBrutality, #EndSARS, and #Lekkitollgate.

Kemi, Reno, Sheu, Adamu and Some other commenters faulted the government for sitting down with Northern bandits to negotiate, but choose to arrest peaceful protesters at Lekki Toll Gate. 


Samuel Otigba wrote: "Your leaders, the ones you voted into office & swore allegiance to, the ones you said were chosen by God, would rather kill their people to keep the #Lekkitollgate, a private business open, than give you a better life. That’s all you need to know about where their loyalty lies."

"They forced compulsory NIN sim registration on us after years of negligence, banned crypto trading & blocked accounts, clamped digital banks, because they want to open the #Lekkitollgate asap & were prepared this time. These decisions were made & executed in less than 6 months."

Shehu Sani wrote: "PEACEFUL  protest is a fundamental right once enjoyed by those on the throne today.permit & Protect the protesters.#LekkiTollGateProtest"

Kemi Oluloyo wrote: "Black Maria is TRENDING: Sanwoolu will need 419 Black maria vans today. These Lagos youth are not backing downDouble exclamation markJIDE you are using the same police they are fighting to #EndPoliceBrutality AGAINST THEM. The youth OWN Nigeria"

Editi Effiong: "There is nothing relative or nuanced about the right to peaceful protest. It is a fundamental right every day of the week, Sunday to Sunday."

"There are no off days. It doesn’t matter if it was exercised three weeks ago. The day people want to protest is the right day to protest."

Dr. Dipo wrote: "Same country? 600 so called repentant terrorists who butchered children, women, men and soldiers. Criminal bandits who attacked communities and burnt down villages, killing recklessly and wasting lives. And of course, peaceful #EndSARS protesters at #LekkiTollGate".

Adamu Garba: "In as much as the #EndSARS protesters are not blocking the way for other citizens to move along the #Lekkitollgate, the law permits them the right to peaceful protest After all, that’s a tenet of democracy which we practice All arrested protesters should be released immediately"

Reno Omokri: "The arrest of #OccupyLekkiTollGate protesters is unconstitutional, and therefore null and void. If you have been illegally arrested, please respond to this tweet with proof of your arrest and I will do my best to get you legal representation. Use  #OccupyLekkiTollGateLegal"

"It is this ‘sense’ that our people have that makes it very difficult for Nigeria to have helpers. Here I am trying to help. Rather than suggest ways to help me help these patriots, you are here criticising my e"

DJ SWITCH WROTE: "You continue to violate our rights and you think you can get away with it? This generation is where your oppression will stop! The tactics you have used for so long is what will be the end of you! Personally, I will take this matter 2 the highest places I can. #EndSARS"

"All the stunts of NIN, ban crypto, social media debate etc... Just so they can completely keep us in chains. Investing their time in mundane things instead of working to make life better! This generation is where your oppression will stop!#EndBadGovernanceInNigeria"

"If you were still sitting on the fence, let today's actions be exhibit 1 zillion!!! because there's so much proof that it is past time we stop all this nonsense & start truly doing something. This generation is where your oppression will stop! #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria #EndSARS"

"I am so angry at all I see, I want us all... Where ever we are, to speak up! In whatever way you can!!! Will update you all on what is happening on the 17th if all goes well. Like I said... I have chosen to fight, what do you want to do? #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria"

Temi Otedola; "The right to peaceful protest is a FUNDAMENTAL human right!! #Lekkitollgate"