Igboland starts from Benue state - Nnamdi Kanu shows off Igboland in Benue state (video)
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said that Igboland starts from Benue not Ebonyi. adding that We are not going to abandon these communities as Ohaneze Ndigbo did as he show off Igboland in Benue.

In the Video, The Community Identified as Ishieme Village, Oju Local Government, and some villagers is seen standing by as one of them address the people in Igbo Language, says, this is where Igboland start in Benue state.

Nnamdi Kanu who shared the video wrote: "In return for a plot of land each near Ebute Metta Lagos in the late 70s, the then Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership and a few greedy politicians agreed to cede core Igbo territories in Ebonyi State to Benue-Plateau as it was then called. Today Igbo blood and heritage is part of Benue State which in the untutored evil minds of #Nigerians makes these Igbo Communities part of Fulani controlled Northern Nigeria. Can you imagine Igbo people as part of Northern Nigeria? Aru! How sad, how very sad indeed."

"The same Ohaneze today along with some mindless beasts in governors' lodges across the east have again in our time decided to give away the entire east to Miyetti Allah in return for the promise of an Igbo vice president in 2023."

"The same sell-out mentality embedded in Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership from  inception is what is now destroying the Igbo race. For those who may not know, Ohaneze Ndigbo is an instrument of the Devil which the Janjaweed Caliphate have cleverly exploited in their age long quest to destroy the Children of Light (IheChineke) from within."

"In a few days time another and probably the very worst Fulani stooge of them all Ambassador Obiozor, personally handpicked by Ibrahim Gambari, will be installed as the next Ohaneze Ndigbo PG. To make this possible and to achieve total control of Igboland, Hope Uzodinma was first imposed on Imo people by the late Abba Kyari to facilitate the smooth  coronation of Ambassador Obiozor in 2021. Now you know why they called Obiozor a consensus candidate- as in Miyetti Allah Fulani concensus candidate for Ndigbo."

"Obiozor is going to be a hundred times worse than Nnia Nwodo. Nwodo's father was an enemy of Biafra who worked as an informant for the British Government of the day, so treachery runs in his blood. But in the case of Ambassador Obiozor, he owes all he is to Fulani patronage. They made him who he is and he is coming to serve their interest. The more these band of criminals continue to exist, the more the likelihood that Fulani terror caliphate will succeed in taking over the Land of the Ancients. We are doomed!"

"Contrary to age long British inspired #Zoo propaganda, Igboland starts from Benue not Ebonyi. We are not going to abandon these communities as Ohaneze Ndigbo did. These people are our flesh and our blood and living in the same Igboland our ancestors lived in before Ohaneze gave it away to Fulani caliphate for a piece of land in Lagos. I urge you to please help save them."